a musical fairytale based on a Brothers Grimm Story.

Starcatcher brings to life a beloved Grimm Brothers‘ fairy tale with a vibrant visual experience and a magical musical performance. The story follows a kind-hearted space fairy who embarks on a mission to Earth, leaving behind her home planet and her beloved sister. Disguised as a poor human child, she ventures into the world, giving away her few possessions to those in need. Accompanied by a wise lark, she navigates her journey with compassion and bravery. When the poor girl has nothing left to give, something miraculous happens: Stars fall from the sky as silver coins into her beautiful new dress. With these coins, she builds a magnificent house with a foundation made of stardust — the material we are all made of. This home becomes a haven where everyone is welcome to celebrate life in all its diversity and to approach the world with love and kindness.

Musical fairy tale

This fulldome show, produced and directed by Dr. Julia Kretschmer-Wachsmann and illustrated by Jan Siggel, combines the enchanting elements of a classic fairy tale with the wonders of astronomy. The show features the voices of notable artists like Stefanie Heinzmann, Ingo Pohlmann, and Elena Zvirbulis, with narration by Tetje Mierendorf. Starcatcher provides an immersive experience that allows both children and adults to dream, feel, and laugh along with the characters.

Starcatcher delivers a profound message: true enlightenment comes from acts of kindness and generosity. By intertwining themes of charity and the universal connection of stardust, the show encourages audiences to see themselves as part of a greater whole, united by the magic within us all to make the world a better place.